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Hello, I must be going

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I wanted to give a quick update to let you know that Egeltje Consulting is no more. I enjoyed running this company immensely, and consider myself lucky that I was able to do it for so long. How many people get the chance to move to a different country and start a business, much less […]

About the Artist

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Anyone who has visited this website has certainly noticed its star: a whimsical little hedgehog created by Rachelle Meyer. I’d like to draw attention to her current project (which I love!) “Faces on the Ferry”. Rachelle, an American illustrator living in Amsterdam, has been using her daily commute (a twelve-minute ferry ride) to sketch fellow […]

Can deliberate practice make “anyone better at anything”?

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I recently passed the inburgering exam in the Netherlands. Inburgering means assimilation in English, and the test that requires that certain immigrants learn how to read, speak, and write on a basic level (A2) as well as understand Dutch cultural norms. This is an updated post from my blog, Possibly Netherlandish, that discusses using deliberate […]

NACHA’s Faster Payments 2017

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I try to attend the NACHA Payments Conference every year to keep up with trends in the US payments industry. This year it was in Austin, TX (yay!) My main takeaways/scoop: Zelle, a payment network launched by Early Warning, generated a lot of buzz with their person-to-person (P2P) network targeting banks. Zelle allows bank customers to […]

It’s Getting Better: Our World In Data

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Chances are if you clicked on this headline, your immediate reaction was, “yeah, right”. We’re bombarded with negative information daily – it certainly doesn’t feel as there’s been much improvement in the world. That’s what makes Max Roser’s project, Our World In Data so compelling. His Vox article: Proof that life is getting better for humanity, […]

How the Economic Machine Works

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Ray Dalio, Founder of Bridgewater Associates, created a 30 minute primer on the economy that is insightful, charming and worth your time: Dalio believes we are experiencing an end to a long-term debt cycle, which occurs approximately every 75 – 100 years, and the world’s central banks do not have enough firepoower to combat it. […]

Goals and Planning

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It’s a new year, and you’ve probably already seen heaps of well intentioned articles discussing New Years Resolutions – what they should be or how to make them stick. One notable article, How Should You Manage Your Money? And Keep it Short, discusses simple, straightforward financial advice that’s short enough to fit on a 4-by-6 notecard. In the […]